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Impreza – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Impreza – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme v5.8.1

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Download Impreza v5.8.1 – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Nulled Free
v5.8.1 — March 2, 2019

  • IMPROVED Grid items customizations – now "Custom apperance on Grid" metabox is also available for pages, posts and public CPTs. It means that you can set custom colors and size for specific item in Grid
  • IMPROVED Buttons in Headers and Grids – now "Design Options" affects directly on the button, not the wrapper, it's better for UX
  • IMPROVED Tabs and Accordion appearance – now the size of tabs and accordion sections is relevant on font size for better view
  • IMPROVED Video Player element – updated settings with actual abilities of YouTube and Vimeo
  • IMPROVED Row settings – now it's possible to add Vimeo video as background
  • FIXED issue when "Centering the middle cell" option in horizontal header affects on tablets and mobiles states
  • FIXED bug when "get_h1" is trying to load from Google fonts, if the "Heading 1" font is not set as Google font
  • FIXED extra indents of some content elements when they're shown via Page Block with fullwidth rows
  • FIXED incorrect gap between header and the first Row in a content, when it's shown via Page Block
  • FIXED bug when vertical header can't be scrolled on iPads in landscape orientation
  • FIXED background color of menu items on hover in transparent header
  • FIXED bug when Dropdown in header is shrinked on small screens
  • FIXED issue when Gallery widget didn't work
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Download Impreza v5.8 – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Nulled Free
v5.8 — February 25, 2018

  • ADDED new and improved layouts for posts and grids on Impreza Blog Demo. Check examples 1, 2, 3, 4 and others. You are able to use all of them on your existing websites, just import Grid Layouts and Page Blocks via Impreza > Demo Import > Blog Demo.
  • IMPROVED Sharing Buttons:
  • IMPROVED Typography options:
  • IMPROVED pages loading speed:
    • now when you disable Font Awesome checkbox in "Optimize JS and CSS size" option, your site won't load heavy font files in case you don't use Font Awesome icons. Now for all built-in icons (like prev/next arrows) you site will load only a 5 KB fallback font file (theme-symbols.woff)
    • removed extra CSS file of WP Block Editor, when "Optimize JS and CSS size" option is ON
    • added "font-display" property for used fonts to improve Google page speed rank
  • IMPROVED Grid element:
    • added option to center items vertically for cases to show images with different sizes nicely (like in former Logos Showcase element)
    • added groups in Grid Layout selection for better UX
    • increased limit for taxonomies terms to 200 to fix cases when checkboxes not displayed if there were more than 100
  • IMPROVED Post Date, Post Taxonomy, Post Custom Field elements – added "Text before value" option. Check the example of usage
  • IMPROVED Post Image – added option to disable image stretching to the container width
  • IMPROVED IconBox – now its description field is editable via visual editor for better UX
  • IMPROVED Image Slider – added "Slide Speed" and "Pause on hover" options
  • UPDATED Font Awesome icons to version 5.7.2 – added new icons, see the changelog
  • UPDATED languages files
  • FIXED bug when Post Content inside Grid Layout didn't show a content, if that Grid Layout was shown via Page Block
  • FIXED issue when post with gallery format and Grid as a gallery didn't generate post preview as slider
  • FIXED appearance of Search element in header while vertical oriented header become horizontal
  • FIXED incorrect button color of Contact Form 7 inside rows with alternate content colors
  • FIXED bug when filter in Grid didn't work if a page contain several Grid elements
  • FIXED issue when text inside of Separator was cropped on small screens
  • FIXED issue when popup of Grid as a gallery didn't show image caption
  • FIXED case when prev/next arrows are shown inside popup with post
  • FIXED visual issues of Contact Form on RTL sites
  • FIXED some minor issues
Download Impreza v5.7.1 – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Nulled Free Premium
v5.7.1 — February 12, 2019

IMPROVED Theme Options > Shop settings – added Overriding Link option to control click behavior on WooCommerce Products
FIXED incorrect appearance of Events Calendar page when Archives Content used any Page Block
FIXED issue when the shadow of Grid carousel items was cut off after update to 5.7
FIXED bug when buttons link in header didn't work after update to 5.7
Download Impreza v5.6.1 – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Nulled Free
Version 5.6.1 — December 18, 2018
  • IMPROVED Separator element – now Responsive Options are also enabled for predefined "Height" values to better control element appearance on small screens
  • FIXED built-in WordPress gallery, when "columns", "masonry" and "image size" options didn't work after updating to Impreza 5.6
  • FIXED incorrect appearance of Image Slider in fullscreen mode, when it is located inside a column with animation
  • FIXED incorrect appearance of additional marker text in Map element after updating to Impreza 5.6
  • FIXED appearance of Image element with "Left" or "Right" alignment after updating to Impreza 5.6
  • FIXED issue when Video Player inside Popup was not shown on small screens
  • FIXED translation some content elements attributes via WPML
Download Impreza v5.6 – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Nulled Free
Version 5.6 — December 13, 2018
  • ADDED new Popup element – now it's possible to place any content inside popup window and set its opening conditions. Check the examples
  • ADDED new FlipBox element – now it's possible to diverse your website content via two-sided box, which flips on hover. Check the examples
  • ADDED new Interactive Text element – now it's possible to show dynamically changing text. Check the examples
  • IMPROVED Recommended Plugins (Addons) admin page – now it's possible to quickly install free popular plugins supported by Impreza, which greatly increase theme abilities:
    • Custom Post Type UI
    • Advanced Custom Fields
    • TablePress
    • Contact Form 7
    • Yoast SEO
    • The Events Calendar
    • Smush Image Compression and Optimization
    • WP Super Cache
    • UpdraftPlus Backup
  • IMPROVED editing of content elements – now all elements have improved "Design Options" tab in their settings window, which allows to manage margin, border, padding values, set extra class name and element ID
  • IMPROVED editing of Header elements – now it's possible to set most options values in any units instead of "px" only: example 1, example 2, example 3
  • IMPROVED Social Links header element – added "Icons Style" and "Gap between icons" options, so now it has the same options as content element
  • IMPROVED Text header element – added options to control line height on default, tablets, mobiles states
  • IMPROVED Separator content element:
    • added option to set custom height
    • added Responsive options to change height depending on the screen width
    • reworked setting window UI for faster editing
    • disabled "Empty Space" element, all of them will be migrated into Separators after theme update
  • IMPROVED WPBakery Backend Editor UI:
    • added icons preview to IconBox and Button elements
    • reworked "Add New Element" window for faster elements selection
  • IMPROVED Website Performance settings – added "Remove "http/https" from paths to files" option, which allows to fix issues with some caching plugins
  • IMPROVED color palette in color pickers – if the palette is empty, it is being filled with colors from Theme Options > Colors > Content colors
  • IMPROVED Header Builder – added "Center the middle cell" option, which allows to align elements in the middle cell to accurate center
  • IMPROVED Typography Options – added ability to set Headings font size in "rem", "em" units, and line height in "px" units
  • IMPROVED preloader in Grids popups – now it shows custom image, if it set on Theme Options
  • UPDATED Font Awesome icons to version 5.6.1 – added tons of new icons, see the changelog
  • UPDATED Google Fonts list
  • UPDATED languages files
  • FIXED appearance of "Gravity Forms" and "Contact Form 7" buttons to be relevant to the "Default Button" style
  • FIXED output of Grids when The Events Calendar has enabled "Include events in main blog loop" option
  • FIXED bug when Map element with OSM provider didn't work in inactive tab of Tabs and Accordion
  • FIXED incorrect behavior of Grid when Specific items didn't respect "Items Quantity" value
  • FIXED incorrect appearance of breadcrumbs on The Events Calendar archive pages
  • FIXED bug when Design Options for Row and Column didn't work on 404 page
  • FIXED incorrect width of Search field with "Simple" layout in vertical header
  • FIXED bug when Search field in header didn't take focus on iPhones
  • FIXED appearance of Pricing Table element on small screens
  • FIXED appearance of The Events Calendar "view as" filter bar
  • FIXED some minor bugs
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Download Impreza v5.5.3 – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Nulled Free
Version 5.5.3 — October 31, 2018 #

IMPROVED encoding of Custom HTML element in headers, which will prevent headers crashes in further theme updates
FIXED issue when header elements didn't change their position on different screen sizes, while "Optimize JS and CSS size" option is enabled
FIXED incorrect buttons appearance on shop pages when using some WooCommerce addons
FIXED validation error when Single Image element has a custom link
FIXED styling issues on The Events Calendar pages
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Download Impreza v5.5.2 – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Nulled Free
Version 5.5.2 — October 26, 2018
  • IMPROVED icons appearance in buttons without text – now they have the equal width and height (120% of font-size). It's useful to create circle and square buttons, check the examples
  • IMPROVED "Load More" pagination for Blog Home, Archive, Search Results pages – added options to select button style
  • FIXED incorrect sizes of Separator on small screens after theme update to 5.5
Version 5.5.1 — October 25, 2018
  • FIXED incorrect appearance of buttons from Ultimate Addons plugin because of new button styles
  • FIXED icon alignment in buttons without text
  • FIXED blinking mobile menu on page loading
  • FIXED gap in the beginning of posts content
Download Impreza v5.4 – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme Nulled Free
Version 5.4 — September 11, 2018
  • ADDED ability to display WooCommerce products via Grid element – now it's possible to strongly customize product lists via all existing Grid features
  • ADDED ability to optimize theme JS files – now it's possible to disable unused components to reduce size of single JS file (as it works with CSS)
  • ADDED Portfolio Tags – now it's possible to use built-in tags for all Portfolio Pages like in Posts
  • ADDED preview of SVG images in Media Library
  • IMPROVED Grid Layout editor:
  • IMPROVED Shop options:
  • IMPROVED Grid element:
  • IMPROVED IconBox element:
    • added ability to set "Right" icon position
    • added option to align IconBox with "Left" icon position to the center of its container
    • fixed bug when IconBox with link and "Left" icon position has an empty anchor
    • fixed bug when the icon circle without title becomes an ellipse
  • IMPROVED Row element:
  • IMPROVED Counter element:
  • IMPROVED comments form:
    • added ajax notification for incorrect values of Name, Email, Message fields
    • added checkbox dependency on "Show comments cookies opt-in checkbox" WordPress setting
  • IMPROVED customization of "404 Page Not Found" – added option to set specific page instead of default message
  • IMPROVED php template of single blog post – added "us_after_single_post_content" action for developers
  • IMPROVED Typography options – added ability to set different colors for h1 - h6 headings
  • IMPROVED Logos Showcase element – added Smooth Rotation option for carousel mode
  • IMPROVED headers customization – added unique CSS class name based on Header ID
  • IMPROVED Columns – now its links has a smooth scroll to elements with ID
  • IMPROVED popups – now page with opened popup is not scrolling
  • IMPROVED Tabs & Tour elements – added Tabs Title Font option
  • UPDATED Font Awesome icons to version 5.3.1 – added tons of new icons, see the changelog
  • UPDATED Header Builder to version 2.2.1
  • UPDATED Google Fonts list
  • UPDATED languages files
  • FIXED bug when Ultimate Addons scripts were not loaded on Page Blocks, 404 page, Search Results page
  • FIXED images size of posts with Gallery format when they are shown via Grid Layout with media preview
  • FIXED issue when vertical header on mobiles appears as horizontal on first page loading
  • FIXED issue when Product Category element stretches a single product to the full width
  • FIXED bug when Grid carousel starts autoplay on mobiles with disabled Auto Rotation
  • FIXED bug when color picker with RGBA value lose transparency after saving options
  • FIXED bug when scrolling to anchors is not working in popups on iPhone and iPad
  • FIXED issue with inability to click some elements inside wrappers of Grid Layouts
  • FIXED issue when WPBakery frontend editor breaks a page with disabled Row
  • FIXED bug when Chrome keeps playing sound in background in closed popup
  • FIXED issue when Slider Revolution scripts were not loaded on Page Blocks
  • FIXED height of the first Fullscreen Row when site header is not sticky
  • FIXED calculation of custom Aspect Ratio values in Grid Layouts
  • FIXED appearance of The Events Calendar pages
  • FIXED some minor bugs
Version 5.3.1 — August 1, 2018
  • IMPROVED Social Links in header – added "Icons Shape" option to correspond to the content element
  • FIXED issue when some CPTs (custom post types) are not available to show in Grid element
  • FIXED issue when Post Custom Field text appears below its icon inside Grid Layout
  • FIXED appearance of star rating of WooCommerce products inside widgets
  • FIXED rare bug when posts inside Grid carousel are not opened in a popup
  • FIXED appearance of "Post Comment" button in the comments form
  • FIXED rare bug of duplicating Title Bars after update to Impreza 5.3
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