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WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro

WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro v1.6.4

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Get Insights Into Your WooCommerce Sales Funnel with Google Analytics ProWooCommerce Google Analytics Pro turbo charges the integration between your WooCommerce store and your free Google Analytics account. Get detailed insightsin your shop’s traffic and eCommerce events so that you can improve your sales funnel and drive more revenue.
WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro adds advanced event tracking to your WooCommerce store and automatically pushes these events into Google Analytics, letting you easily get insights into important metrics like average order value, conversion rate, sales by product or category, and other valuable data.
Once you’ve installed WooCommerce Google Analytics Pro, you can choose your event names (if you don’t like the defaults), ensure that enhanced eCommerce tracking is enabled in your GA account, and then you’re ready to go! The plugin handles tracking and sending all of the appropriate events to Google Analytics so you can easily access your sales data and valuable store metrics.
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